Zombie Tower 3D

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The year is 20XX, a mysterious object fell from outer space. Not long after, zombie outbursts... mehr
Produktinformationen "Zombie Tower 3D"
The year is 20XX, a mysterious object fell from outer space. Not long after, zombie outbursts have been reported all around the world!!

In Zombie Tower 3D, you will play as a one of the characters trapped inside a building crawling with zombies. Working with your teammates, you must try to evacuate the building before it collapses. But beware! Zombies will appear out of nowhere every so often, craving for your flesh. There are also other desperate survivors in the building, waiting to be rescued. You must search the building for various tools to fight off the zombies, save survivors, and evacuate from the building!

Zombie Tower features a revolutionary 3D stand-up board. During the game, you may only look at your own play space, so you will have to actively communicate with your teammates about your situation to call for help or offer rescue. Items are also passed through small slits between the walls, and not directly to other players. After fulfilling the escape conditions, each player will get victory points depending on the number of survivors saved and completion of their minor objective cards, and the true winner will be determined.

  • 4 Wall Boards
  • 4 Joint Boards
  • 8 Floor Boards
  • 1 Ground Board
  • 2 Roof-top Boards
  • 1 Starting Player Marker
  • 5 PC Pieces
  • 5 PC Stands
  • 134 Emergency Chips
  • 11 Damage Chips
  • 12 Minor Objective Cards
  • 8 Summary Cards
  • 5 Character Sheets
  • 48 Emergency Cards
  • 4 Beginning Cards
  • 47 Search Cards

"It’s enjoyable, it’s funny and it never outstays it’s welcome." - Creaking Shelves

"There's lots of strategy to think about, from using unfortunate survivors as human shields to working out how you can lure zombies into a burning room to clear a horde between you and the exit." - Victoria B

"The game lets the mechanics take a back seat to the puzzley aspects, which results in a co-operative gaming experience that's a real breath of fresh air." - Chris Marling

Country of Origin: Japan
Manual: English
Language - game: English
Age: 10+
Playing Time: 45-60 min
Artist: Mana Okada, Riyo
Number of players: 3-4
Author: Ryo Kawakami, ?? ?? (Kaya Miyano)
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