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Sushi Draft is a fast little card game that looks good enough to eat! Over three rounds, players... more
Product information "Sushi Draft!"
Sushi Draft is a fast little card game that looks good enough to eat! Over three rounds, players draft plates of sushi and collect sushi points, which are drawn randomly. The player with the most diverse menu gets dessert!

Sushi Draft includes a deck of 32 sushi cards (8 ikura, 7 ebi, 6 maguro, 5 tamago, 4 kappa and 2 "wild" triples) and 18 point tokens (three each for the five types of sushi and three for dessert); the point tokens range in value from 1-5, with the more plentiful sushi dishes being worth more points. At the start of each round, players shuffle the cards and receive a hand of six cards. Players simultaneously draft a card from their hand and reveal it, placing it on the table. They then keep one card, pass the remainder to a neighbor, and draft and play again. Once everyone has five cards in front of them, players receive point tokens. Whoever has the most sushi of each type draws a point token of that type at random; if players tie for the most of a type, however, then the player with the secondmost of that type draws the token instead. If all players are tied, then no one scores for that type of sushi. The player with the most types of sushi scores a dessert token at random.

After three rounds, players tally their points, and whoever has the highest score wins!

  • 32 sushi cards
  • 18 point chips
  • Rules sheet


Very fun, very fast, and very charming. - Board Game Brawl

It's an enjoyable romp, especially for younger players and families. - Chris Baylis

Manual: English, Japanese
Language - game: language independent
Country of Origin: Japan
Age: 8+
Artist: St├ęphane Escapa, Takahiro Amioka
Number of players: 3-5
Playing Time: 15 min
Author: Takahiro Amioka
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