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The Gods try to make the stars. The stars consist of the Angel, the Human, and the Devil.... more
Product information "KeYstoNe"
The Gods try to make the stars. The stars consist of the Angel, the Human, and the Devil. Sometimes you can see the Angel Human and the Devil Human. The big star is the high score, but the biggest will be gone with the SUN. So the points are nothing. 

KeYstoNe is a trick-taking game with a "must follow" rule. The winner of trick takes the cards and makes a line of the cards - either ascending or descending. Each card has a number and points. The player pays points for each his lines and gets the points from the cards. The longest line is not scored. After two games, the highest player wins the game.

The illustration is based on the contributors of the famous podcast "Board game laboratory". They are Kawasaki, Yoshida, and Naoe.

Description taken from
Manual: English, Japanese
Playing Time: 30 min
Age: 10+
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