Sweet Nose

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INCLUDES THE ESSEN PROMO Welcome to the ancient city of China, a city known for its delicious... mehr
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Welcome to the ancient city of China, a city known for its delicious sweets. As tourists, you can't wait to taste them all — but before enjoying your sweets, you must learn about a legendary guy named Sweet Nose. He loved sweets so much that he wanted to eat the best sweet in the heaven, and to do that he climbed up a ladder made from shrimp. Just at the moment he reached heaven, the god of thunder met him while patrolling. The god of thunder was pissed because no mortal human was allowed to intrude the sacred heaven. A flash and thunder hit poor Sweet Nose, who fell from the ladder like a meteor and dissolved into a pile of black powder when he hit the ground, transforming into tiny insects — the ants.

To avoid being hit by thunder and becoming the successor of the Sweet Nose legend, you had better not eat too many sweets. This doesn't mean you can't enjoy those delicious sweets in the city — but if you enter specific stores on the street, you might need to run from the thunder of heaven...

Sweet Nose is a game of exciting interaction. You try to eat the most types of candy by trading with others, but the sweetness of each candy differs for each player, so to keep yourself from being the one who eats too many sweets, you need to be careful when trading and observe the reaction of other players. What's more, different shops provide different surprises, so you also need to take those shops' candies into consideration. On a turn, you can do one of the following actions:

Trade with friend: Trade one of your candies with another player, with each player placing the candy they receive on their mouth board.
Trade with market: Trade one of your candies with the market in the middle of table, placing your candy in the market and one of the market candies on your trading dish board.
In the end, whoever eats the most sweets loses, and the winner is the one who eats the fewest sweets.

Manual: English, Mandarin Chinese
Language - game: language independent
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Artist: Shin Lin
Playing Time: 30-45 min
Age: 8+
Author: Jason Lin, Frank Liu
Number of players: 3-5
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