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Dadaocheng  is a family game with a focus on manipulating resource discs in a central area.... more
Product information "Dadaocheng"
Dadaocheng is a family game with a focus on manipulating resource discs in a central area. Players take on roles of foreign traders in Dadaocheng, Taiwan at the turn of the twentieth century. Through swapping and flipping resource discs in the central area, players obtain resources and either trade these resources to the rest of the world, or spend these resources to buy different types of buildings within the city of Dadaocheng. The objective of each player is to become the most prestigious trader of Dadaocheng.


I'm not typically a fan of abstract games, but the combination of tableau building with the abstract resource-acquisition puzzle in Dadaocheng makes it very interesting. - Milena Guberinic

Dadaocheng is another Essen winner for me. The game is a simple economic game but it's the market that really wins me over. - EGG Head
Manual: English, Mandarin Chinese
Playing Time: 45 min
Age: 10+
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