Dungeon Of Mandom

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Step right up, brave adventurer. Sure you’ve survived dungeons before – with your broad sword... more
Product information "Dungeon Of Mandom"

Step right up, brave adventurer. Sure you’ve survived dungeons before – with your broad sword and your shield and your little spiky helmets. But it takes a real hero to throw all that aside and look death in the face bare-fisted!

Dungeon of Mandom is a push-your-luck dungeon delve for 2-4 players. The adventurers stand at the mouth of a terrible dungeon. Each turn, they will either release another monster into the dungeon or remove equipment from their character – or drop out if things look too dangerous. The last remaining player faces the perils of the dungeon alone…


  • 1 hero tile

  • 6 item tiles

  • 13 monster cards

  • 4 player cards

  • 1 rules booklet

For gamers who:

  • Tiptoe the line between bravery and foolishness

  • Like thematic games in small boxes

  • Can talk others players into bad decisions!

  • Don’t mind the occasional (un)lucky round


For a game that takes maybe 5-10 minutes for a round, the number of decisions you make is enormously, truthfully. And the meaningfulness in those decisions is very large. - For the Meeple, By the Meeple

The uncertainty of what lurks in the dungeon and everybody's half-informed attempts at outguessing everyone else results in a tense and hilarious game, given to both grunts of frustration and laugh-out-loud revelry. Often at the same time. - Daniel Thurot

It's really super simple, it's fast - but oh my god the production value of this game is insane and just so cool. - Edo's Game Reviews
Author: Antoine Bauza, Masato Uesugi
Age: 13+
Number of players: 2-4
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