A Fake Artist Goes to New York

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Welcome to New York! Oh, you're an artist as well? Welcome to the club - that's what everyone... more
Product information "A Fake Artist Goes to New York"

Welcome to New York! Oh, you're an artist as well? Welcome to the club - that's what everyone claims to be around here. Of course... I hear there's a fake somewhere. It's not you, is it? That would be such a tiresome cliche.

A Fake Artist Goes to New York is a party / drawing game for 5-10 players. One player is the question master, who chooses a word within a category category and hands it to the other players. The catch is one player randomly receives a blank card instead. When the players take turns collectively drawing the chosen word, this fake artist will have to bluff and scribble along blindly to avoid being called out!


  • 10 title cards

  • 12 color pens

  • 1 white board marker

  • 30 points tokens

  • 1 rules booklet

For gamers who:

  • Love bluffing games that are a little more relaxed

  • Are looking for a game with a high player count

  • Want a drawing game that doesn't require players to draw well!

  • Don't mind consumable components


Fake Artist is a wonderful little party game and one of the few 'activity' games that I could honestly say I enjoy. - Andrew J

I absolutely love it. It's a fantastic game. In fact, I'd say it's in my top 5 party games of all time. - Bearded Meeple

Saying that this game is effortlessly smart is only half of it. It's also adorable, quick, and rewards players who might not be as comfortable spinning lies on the fly - a must for success at Spyfall or any number of other social games. - Daniel Thurot

Artist: Jun Sasaki
Number of players: 5-10
Author: Jun Sasaki
Age: 8+
Playing Time: 20 min
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