Holy Grail

Holy Grail
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BGG description: In this cooperative dice game, players direct a team of six female Knights of... more
Product information "Holy Grail"
BGG description:

In this cooperative dice game, players direct a team of six female Knights of the Round Table (a number of Player Knights equal to the number of players, plus enough Questing Knights to make up the remainder) on a quest to obtain the Holy Grail. Each Knight has its own special ability that may prove useful during the team's adventures.

The Knights travel a path through the countryside, rolling dice in an attempt to gain valuable items that will score points or aid in future battles. At the end of the path, the Knights must roll dice to engage a Boss Monster in combat. All the while, the Knights must contend with worldly corruption, represented by Karma tokens. Any Knight who gains too many Karma tokens is too corrupt to obtain the Holy Grail and is eliminated from the quest.

Each Boss Monster battle represents the end of one round. After 3 rounds (Easy or Normal difficulty levels) or 4 rounds (Hard difficulty level), the Knights face one final trial to obtain the Holy Grail. If any Player Knight is eliminated due to too much corruption, or if the Knights fail to defeat the final Boss Monster, the players immediately lose. If the players pass the final trial and obtain the Holy Grail, they win. Victorious players may calculate a final score based on the items and successes gained during the game.
Manual: English, Japanese
Language - game: English, Japanese
Country of Origin: Japan
Number of players: 1-4
Playing Time: 60 min
Age: 10+
Author: Kuro
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