Hello! Taiwan

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Taiwan is a beautiful island also known as "Formosa". It's time for you to travel around the... mehr
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Taiwan is a beautiful island also known as "Formosa". It's time for you to travel around the island to explore the spectacular scenery, experience the interesting traditional activities, and taste all kinds of delicious food! By careful planning, you can have your friends to pay the bills for you.

In Hello! Taiwan players are traveling around Taiwan by playing cards in 4 directions starting from the centered card number 8). Each card shows a destination and a serial number (from 1 to 15), which is to be placed following the ascending or descending orders. If you can't play a card with an appropriate number, then you must collect all cards in that direction and pay for the bills shown on each card. The one who spends the least travel expenses is the winner of this fruitful trip.

This game is inspired by the dazzling sights the designer has observed during his bicycle trip around Taiwan. The graphics on the cards are developed from his hand-drawn postcards which shows the beauty of Taiwan in a variety of perspectives.
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