Villannex 2nd Edition

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[ In Villanex , each player receives six cards which mostly show buildings, plus two... more
Product information "Villannex 2nd Edition"

[In Villanex, each player receives six cards which mostly show buildings, plus two production cards which can be used to produce either the products on the left side of a card or the products on the right.

Now each player chooses four of the six cards and shows them to everyone. Then, each player simultaneously picks two cards and puts them on the table, deciding whether to produce the left or the right products. Finally, each village (consisting of two cards) is scored. Each card has a text explaining the points it yields, sometimes depending on one's own products or everyone else's or a mixture of these. The highest scoring village wins.

From the rules:
A couple of villages are about to be annexed, and the mayors have gathered for a friendly meeting.
As the liquor goes down, one of them starts to brag about his village. And the others can’t just sit there and listen. One thing beats the next, and the alcohol helps them exaggerate. In the end, the mayors end up having a match for who’ll be the next mayor. Whoever has the best developed village, whoever uses their resources best will be the winner! And as you know, that’s your village. You just have to show the others!]

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Villannex is small, fast and sharp. Takahiro's design has a lot going for it, and completing my initial game led to my first real ah-ha moment of 2015; it was truly a nice surprise. - Bill

Manual: English, Japanese
Playing Time: 5-15 min
Age: 6+
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