Rainbow Park

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[ The rain has stopped and the sun is out with a shining smile, but the beautiful rainbow is... more
Product information "Rainbow Park"

[The rain has stopped and the sun is out with a shining smile, but the beautiful rainbow is nowhere to be seen! It's all because those playful colors of the rainbow got distracted by the fun facilities in the park. They are running around and having a good time all over the park. Let's go find those colors and make the rainbow appear!

Contents: 54 game cards, including 49 Element cards and 5 pass cards.

This is a memory game where all of the cards are double-sided. Players take turns turning over cards to score matches. Players can collect pass cards and re-arrange the position of the game cards surrounding that card.

The game ends when the number of Element cards left on the playing surface is less than or equal to the number of the colors used to play the game. For example, if 5 colors were used to play the game, the game ends when there are 5 or fewer Element cards left on the playing surface.

At the end of the game, each player should add up the values of the cards he/she has collected: 1 point for each Element card, and 2 points for each Pass card. The highest scoring player wins the game.]

Description taken from boardgamegeek.com

  • 49 double-sided element cards
  • 5 pass cards
  • Rules sheet
Manual: Chinese, English
Playing Time: 10 min
Age: 4+
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