The Mystery Dattakamo

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[ This is a deduction through conversation game. Exercise your vivid imagination and infer... more
Product information "The Mystery Dattakamo"
[This is a deduction through conversation game. Exercise your vivid imagination and infer the thing that comes into your opponent’s mind by using the sense of touch. Due to the nature of the game, the visually impaired people can enjoy and play, too!

In ancient times, when the mammoths and dinosaurs walked the land, or perhaps even before that, there was a civilization called “Dattakamo”. Its people excelled at making things out of clay, of which they made many: from what they found at the bottom of the ocean, to what they saw in the beyond the galaxy; from flowers and animals around them, to things from the imaginary future. They treasured what they had made, and lived happily. One day, however, a volcano suddenly erupted and the civilization perished.

Time flew by, and now in the present, the works of the “Dattakamo” people have been excavated and brought into the Academy. What are they? Some of the artifacts are broken; others, with strange and bizarre shapes. All of them were treasures of the “Dattakamo” people. In the Academy, a renowned professor and his students sit around these artifacts. The professor wonders what the pieces are, while his students discuss his ideas earnestly.

The purpose of this game is that the students guess right what the professor imagines. The students ask the professor three questions, one at a time, during their turns. This is called the “discussion”, and a discussion has 3 rounds. The professor has to answer correctly these questions. During this phase, students can freely touch the piece as many times as they want. If a student manages to make a correct guess, he gets the piece from the professor. When all the players have finished playing the role of the professor, the game ends and the player who acquires the most artifacts is the greatest professor and wins!]

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  • 12 pottery pieces
  • 1 drawstring bag
  • Rulebook

Manual: English, Japanese
Playing Time: 15 min
Age: 5+
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