Mask of Anubis

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A fantastic new temple has been discovered in the Egyptian desert. Inside lays the treasure of... more
Product information "Mask of Anubis"

A fantastic new temple has been discovered in the Egyptian desert. Inside lays the treasure of Anubis, but it's protected by a complicated maze. The explorers need to create a map, but unfortunately there's only a single, tiny entrance. Time to send in the dog!

Mask of Anubis is a cooperative / VR game for 2-7 players. Using a smart phone, the players will take turns inside the virtual reality temple. They must describe what they see to the other players, who use cardboard pieces to generate a map of the temple. Eventually there's a moment of truth, and the accuracy of the map is tested!


  • 1 rules sheet

  • 36 map tiles

  • 40 item chips

  • 14 tokens

  • 20 view markers

  • 6 monolith markers

  • 2 Ludo the Dog markers

  • 1 cardboard Mask of Anubis

For gamers who:

  • Love technology in tabletop games

  • Want a game with a high player count

  • Are looking for games with family-friendly themes

  • Enjoy cooperative games with lots of spatial puzzles


It's just a genius mechanic of taking that VR experience... I really enjoyed this, had a lot of fun with it, and it isn't as easy as it would seem - which is one of the cool things about it. - Sam Healey

The atmosphere can shift from being tense as players listen carefully for a piece of information to hopefully tie everyone's work together to being something akin to a party game with players shouting questions and answers as quickly as they can before time runs out. - Jonathan deHaan
Manual: English, Japanese
Language - game: language independent
Country of Origin: Japan
Age: 10+
Artist: Haruka Kajikawa, Masashi Sato
Number of players: 2-7
Playing Time: 30 min
Author: Takashi Hamada, Kenji Shimojima
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