Round House: Port City

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  • ES410_B4/B5
This is an Expansion for Round House . [ Round House: 2nd Expansion – Port City... more
Product information "Round House: Port City"
This is an Expansion for Round House.

[Round House: 2nd Expansion – Port City provides four kinds of new tile for the Round House base game:

>>1.Port city Tiles:
1)You can move a assistant from a town to the nearby port city. If you pay the resource cubes, you will move to more far place to take a Bao-Chao Banknote Tile.
2)If you stop your scoring assistant on the “small temple” space of the score track on the game board, you may gain the small temple reward.

>>2.Bao-Chao Banknote Tile:
Bao-Chao Banknote, the front have a value of 5 coins, the back is bonus points calculated the end of the game. During game setting, place Bao-Chao Banknote face up in the coin supply.Anytime when a player receives 5 coins or more, player can choose take a Bao-Chao bank note instead of 5 coins. Player must immediately decide to flip to the back side for scoring and place below the player board. (*Flipped tiles cannot be used as 5 coins.)
1.Receive 1 honor points when you take coins.(each used once per turn)
2.Receive 1 honor points when you perform Traveling merchant action.(each used once per turn)
3.Receive 2 honor points when you perform Recruit action.(each used once per turn)
4.Receive 3 honor points when you perform Helper action.(each used once per turn)
5.Receive 2/3 honor points when you SELL the specified resource cubes to any kind of market.(each used once per turn)

>>3.Amulets extra scoring tile
The special Blue Amulet(x2) will be put on worship area(the rightmost reward space that near by 16). When you get the rewards in the reward spaces of your chosen spot. you can choice the special Blue Amulet for game end scoring. when you get a special Blue Amulet, your Red Amulet gain extra 2 prestige points each.

>>4.50/100 prestige points
Tile Player can calculate the quantity of 50/100 prestige points.]

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