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Note: This listing is for the whole "No Sanctuary" pledge with 4 expansions: Killer within, What... mehr
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Note: This listing is for the whole "No Sanctuary" pledge with 4 expansions: Killer within, What Lies ahead, Lori Grimes and stretch goals.

Hope is fading as the dead drive out the living. There’s nowhere left to run, and all that’s left is survival. There is no rescue party waiting, no help from kind strangers...in the world of The Walking Dead, there is no sanctuary…

The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary is a cooperative board game of desperate survival set in the world of the popular AMC television series. Designed by Adam and Brady Sadler (Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game), No Sanctuary puts players in the roles of iconic survivors from The Walking Dead, working together against desperate odds as they navigate a variety of scenarios. Whether the survivors are scavenging for supplies, fighting off waves of the dead, or even standing toe-to-toe with the living, the group must find a way to work together even when its members’ interests may be at odds.

No Sanctuary features a unique leadership mechanic in which players take turns assuming the role of the group’s leader. Each turn, the leader must choose the group’s approach by drawing two event cards and choosing one. Since players cannot discuss this decision, the pressure is on the leader, and the leader alone will pay the price if the group is unable to follow the approach for the turn. Make enough bad decisions, and the leader may have to relinquish his role and let the next survivor take charge of the group.

Each survivor in No Sanctuary comes with a unique deck of cards to represent their special actions and abilities, as well as their flaws. This deck not only drives each survivor’s playstyle, but it also serves their health, so hand management is crucial to surviving each scenario. Equally important as staying alive, group morale is an essential part of the game. Many game effects will cause morale to drop, and if it reaches zero, the players lose the game. Maintaining the group’s tenuous psychological stability is just as important as staying alive!

With its unique gameplay and innovative leadership mechanic, No Sanctuary offers players a deep and engaging way to experience their favorite episodes of The Walking Dead, and even explore beyond the show’s storylines!

Description taken from Board Game Geek.
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