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[ Offland is a world where hundreds of races live together. It's not easy to keep peace between... more
Product information "Magecraft"
[Offland is a world where hundreds of races live together. It's not easy to keep peace between hundreds of races, so every ten years, each race sends its best mage to the ruins to participate in Magecraft. Only the winner of this competition receives the magic gems as a prize, with this mage's race dominating the land for the next decade. Now the competition starts again; who shall rise and who shall fall? 

Magecraft is a bag-building game that's suitable for 2~4 players. As a player in Magecraft, you learn spells, build a mana pool, and collect mana gems. Whoever collects twenty mana gems in their score area first wins! An additional copy of the game is required to play with 3 and 4 players.]

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It is hard to describe why exactly Magecraft is so fun, but I really admire the simple design and fluid, deep gameplay. - Adam T

Bag building works really well in a Euro-style game... but it also works well in this combat style game. This is a pretty neat game and I would recomment checking it out. - Tom Vasel, Dice Tower

Manual: English
Playing Time: 15 min
Age: 14+
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