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[ Hida-furukawa  is a unique bidding and bluffing game set in an old Japanese town. Being... more
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[Hida-furukawa is a unique bidding and bluffing game set in an old Japanese town.

Being a merchant in the Edo period, you can make a difference to the quality of life of the people in Hida-Furukawa by setting up new stores on the street. The Emperor wanted to avoid any merchants to monopolise the city, therefore he approved for properties to be auctioned to the highest bidder. However, as in any society, some people will always have access to some information others don’t and they will try and use that to their advantage, tricking the competition into bidding too high or too low securing the building for themselves. But don’t underestimate your competitors for they too know something you don’t know!

This game requires you to bid for property cards and set up the store in the best place. You will earn bonus points for locating your properties in convenient places. The game is played over 6 rounds; each round will have 6 possible cards up for bidding and each player will only know 1 to 2 of them. The active player will place an initial bid on their face down card. All other players now have to put their bids in their fist and then reveal simultaneously. The highest bid claims the card and the player places it face up on an empty land. The special property cards have 6 different effects to influence the game.

This game also includes 2 player game variant and advanced mode.]

Description taken from boardgamegeek.com
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