Era of Voyage: the DICE

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Era of Voyage: the DICE is a dice game based on age of exploration. It is not an... mehr
Produktinformationen "Era of Voyage: the DICE"
Era of Voyage: the DICE is a dice game based on age of exploration. It is not an expansion of Era of Voyage, but a standalone game.

? Purpose of the game 
The player is a merchant in a port city. The goal is to be a successful merchant who has greater influence than any other merchants. 

? Game Outline
Select an investment destination map by randomly selecting 7 cards from multiple trade cards and 1 card from the base card.
Players will roll two dice when they turn their turn. Select "income" or "investment" from the outgoing eyes and execute it. "Revenue" can earn "additional income" from the trade route card that invested as "basic income" corresponding to the outcome. "Investment" obtains the right of "additional income" and "victory point" by investing in the trade route card corresponding to the outcome.
If you do not like the outcome of the dice, you can also reorder by paying the prescribed money.
"Luck" is necessary because this is a dice game in this work, but "thinking" is also necessary how to use dice. Let's aim for victory by combining "luck" and "thinking" well!

? Contents
· Card: 24 sheets
· Chips: 150 sheets
· Dice: 2 pieces
· Instructions: 1
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