Minimal Creation

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[ Once upon a time, there were no lands, and it was the time for creation. There were two... more
Product information "Minimal Creation"
[Once upon a time, there were no lands, and it was the time for creation. There were two gods — the god of the sea and the god of the mountains — who created the world, but each loved their own creations more than anything else, so they came into conflict.

Minimal Creation, players are these two gods and to end their conflict, they each decide to send one of their followers deep into the other's territory to steal a relic that sits there. Over the course of the game, you lay terrain tiles on the game board to expand your territory and lead your follower, moving it along the terrain to the opponent's temple in which the relic lies. The opponent loses a lot of victory points if you successfully steal their relic, but you also need to place tiles to accumulate small points along the way. How much effort you commit on expanding territory and stealing the relic will determine the outcome of the game.

When a follower successfully reaches the opponent's temple, the temple is removed and the game ends. If you have made any 2x2 squares of your territory, each square is worth one point. The temple is worth eight points if not removed. The player with the high score wins.

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Manual: English, Japanese
Playing Time: 20 min
Age: 10+
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