Ninja Bowling (Mini version)

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Note: Description for Ninja Bowling here . Mini version ! 2-6 player - 72... more
Product information "Ninja Bowling (Mini version)"
Note: Description for Ninja Bowling here.

Mini version!

2-6 player - 72 cards - 20 minutes

This version is different than the original in that instead of trying to score strikes by knocking out your pins, you are trying to win by knocking out your opponents pins and at the same time eliminating the other players from the game.

Set up: Each player chooses 6 pins, 3 stars and 3 strike cards in any color. They then set up a pyramid of pins in front of the them with the bottom of the pyramid facing the player. Hold the 3 star cards in your hand and place the strike cards in one pile near the base of the pins. Make sure all the triangles are an equal distance away from each other. With 6 players the triangles should look like the petals of a flower with the center being an empty space. The distance you are away from each other is up to you. The further away, the harder it is.

Play: Choose a starting player. That player with throw all 3 three star cards at any player's pins they want. They can throw all three at one player's pins or they can spread it out between any of the other players.


Ninja Bowling can be great fun with younger kids and casual gamers, and it could be a nice filler at times when your brain needs a break. - Lucas Gerlach

Manual: English
Playing Time: 10 min
Age: 8+
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