Familiar's Trouble

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[STORY] "Is this all? Are you kidding me?" The most famous witch "Minuit" call and remind you to... mehr
Produktinformationen "Familiar's Trouble"
"Is this all? Are you kidding me?" The most famous witch "Minuit" call and remind you to bring resources. You are wise owl that were called "Philosopher of Forest" once , but now you are familiar of witch "Minuit". Day after day, you must go out in the blanket of night. Now,let's begin tales of Familiar's trouble in tonight. Can you escape from her PUNISHMENT?

Otsukai Fukurou no Kuroubanashi ("Familiar's Trouble") is Co-operative game for 3 players. It similar to trick taking game. ~Goal of the game~
The goal of your team is taking high-score that getting "Otsukai card" ("Otsukai" means "Order") In play, 5 Otsukai cards are revealed. You will try to get cards more victory points. At first, you try to get 25 points.
~How to get Otukai card~
3 players play card in order according to the rules. (rule description is later) These sum of the numbers in same suit. For example, sum of blue6, blue3, and red 4 are blue9,red4. You can get all of lower card than sum number. In this way players play 9 rounds and sum VP. The 1 and 2 card are special cards.
~Rules of card play~
One of 3players is called "lead-player". He play at first, and follow player must play same suit of his played. If you don't have same suit, you can play any suit. This is called "must follow" in trick taking game.

Order means "Otsukai" in JP. Owl means "Fukurou" in JP. Trouble means "Kurou" in JP. Fu-kurou means "don't have kurou(trouble). But he always has trouble. JP title has rhyme and pun.
Country of Origin: Japan
Manual: Japanese
Language - game: language independent
Age: 12+
Playing Time: 15-30 min
Artist: MATSUDA98
Number of players: 3
Author: Fukutarou
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