In Love and War

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  • SWA 9
"All’s fair in love and war", and you are in both! The mission is to make a successful marriage... mehr
Produktinformationen "In Love and War"
"All’s fair in love and war", and you are in both! The mission is to make a successful marriage proposal, but to do so you must overcome every opposition along the way. Good luck with your fight for true love!

In Love and War is a rummy-style card game for 2-5 players. Each turn players draw a card and discard a card representing romantic acts, aiming to fill their hand with two sets of three and one pair. If another player discards a card that completes your set, you may interject "Meow!" to interrupt the normal turn order and steal it. When you finish all three sets, say "Meow Meow Meow!" to trigger a marriage proposal. Shuffle a special "Yes, I do" card into your hand and draw a card randomly. If you draw the "I do" card, you win! But other players with the same cards may add them to your shuffled hand to reduce your chance of success. If you fail, the game continues but you may take an extra "I do" card during your next proposal attempt.

  • 72 proposal cards
  • 24 gadget cards
  • 8 baby cards
  • 4 "Yes I do!" cards
  • 30 good impression tokens
  • Rules sheet


This is one of those so-called gateway games... And on top of that it looks gorgeous, you have this innovative mechanic of the marriage proposal, and it is a fun theme to think about. - Board Game Brawl

Manual: English, Mandarin Chinese
Language - game: language independent
Author: Kuraki Mura
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Playing Time: 15 min
Age: 6+
Number of players: 2-5
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