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Jagdfieber ("Hunting Fever") is a light-hearted card game in which you need to play your cards... mehr
Produktinformationen "Jagdfieber"
Jagdfieber ("Hunting Fever") is a light-hearted card game in which you need to play your cards cleverly in order to capture precious prey. But beware! Your fellow hunters may be tempted to steal from you, ending the hunt sooner than you might expect. At the end of the day, captured cards score points for you, but hunters who are caught during the closed season and cards that remain in your hand will reduce your score.

Each player starts with a hand of one hunter, two wolves, three rabbits, three carrots and one closed season/carrot. On a turn, each player secretly chooses a card from his hand, then they reveal the cards simultaneously. If someone played a "closed season" card, than all hunters played are placed in the prey pile of those players. If not, hunters each capture a wolf (starting with the "Hunt starts here" card and going clockwise), place that card in their prey pile, then return their hunter to their hand; any hunter that can't capture a wolf is placed under its owner's hunting lodge (a play area in front of each player).

If any wolves remain, they each capture a rabbit (again starting with the "Hunt starts here" card and going clockwise) and are then placed in the "easy prey" section of that player's hunting lodge; if a wolf doesn't catch a rabbit, return it to its owner's hand. Rabbits are handled the same as wolves, but they hunt carrots (and not themselves!), moving to "easy prey" if they eat and returning to their owner's hand otherwise. Cards in a player's "easy prey" section are captured before a similar card played by that same player during the current turn; if a card is not captured while in the "easy prey" section, it's moved to that player's prey pile at the end of the next turn.

If everyone still has at least one card in hand, move the "Hunt starts here" card one space clockwise and play another turn. If at least one player has no cards in hand, each player scores their prey pile, with hunters worth -4 points and all other cards worth 1-4 points. Players then reclaim their cards and play another round. After four complete rounds, the player with the most points wins.

  • 5 sets of cards
  • 5 hunting lodge cards
  • 1 "Hunt Starts Here" card
  • Rules sheet
Manual: English, German
Language - game: language independent
Country of Origin: Germany
Artist: Tu Peishu
Playing Time: 30 min
Age: 8+
Author: Stefan Zlatintsis
Number of players: 3-5
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