Birdie Fight

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"There is a place called 'mysterious forest' in the depths of the mountain. This is a paradise... more
Product information "Birdie Fight"

"There is a place called 'mysterious forest' in the depths of the mountain. This is a paradise for small birds. But these birds don't get along well!' The players are forest spirits secretly guiding their favored species to victory in the battle of the birds. Also: there's an owl.

Birdie Fight is an abstract hand management / area control game for 1-4 players. Ten scoring chips form the top and side of an invisible 5X5 grid. These points will be won by the bird species that control the corresponding columns and rows at the end of the game. Each turn, players select a card from their hand and play it to the grid. The final card remaining in each player's hand determines the species they will score.


  • 29 game cards

  • 8 score cards

  • 10 score chips

  • 1 rules sheet

For gamers who:

  • Don't suffer from analysis paralysis

  • Are looking for a good couple's game

  • Like abstract games with beautiful artwork

  • Don't mind some home-made components


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Customer evaluation for "Birdie Fight"
22 May 2017

A neat little abstract card game

Birdie fight ticks a number of boxes for me. It has a nice aesthetic with its mute palette of forest birds (maybe a bit too mute, my friend who is a little colour blind struggled until he picked up on the subtle patterning of each bird suit), it is a tight competitive card game - a bit of a brain burner once you get into the flow of it - and lacks player to player aggression (you play as a forest spirit trying to improve the lot of your bird species scrapping over territory and food in an increasingly crowded forest). The game scales well from what I can see. I have played the two player and four player version. The four player version includes the addition of the Owl card that allows the player who holds that card to affect the played cards in a one time 'swoop' replacing one played card with the owl and moving the played card somewhere else on the board. The scoring counters are randomised each game and you have to work with the hand of cards you have been dealt at the start. It's pretty thematic too - you can just about hear the flits and chirps as troops of birds thrash through the bushes in pursuit of each other.

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