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BABEL is a balancing game where players make a tower of paper by building walls of different... more
Product information "BABEL"
BABEL is a balancing game where players make a tower of paper by building walls of different heights. This game has three modes of play: hidden identity mode (saboteurs may exist), limited communication co-operative mode (players may not speak words), and random co-operative mode (players may not choose walls).

In hidden identity mode, players are secretly assigned a role: Builder or Saboteur. A Builder's goal is to build an eight-tier tower, and a Saboteur's goal is to make one of the builders collapse the tower.

Each player has three cards in their hand. In your turn, you place a floor card, which is numbered 1-5, face-up, and other players place a floor card face-down, saying a hint (saboteurs might be misleading you). Then you reveal one of these face-down card, combine it with yours to make a hexagonal floor, and take two walls that correspond to floor numbers. You must place the floor and the walls on top of tower without making it collapse. Height of walls gradually vary over floor numbers, so you should pick the same number if you want to build an upright tower.

If you are a saboteur, it's up to you whether you secretly or explicitly betray the builders. You may try to mislead builders to take unbalanced walls, or boldly build up a skewed tower in your turn. But beware. Your side loses the game if you make the tower collapse yourself. You may also reveal your identity during your turn, in which case builders need to complete one more floor to win the game.

The game can be played as a solitaire but only in random mode. You randomly take two floor cards and use the corresponding walls to build one tier. Repeat the process until you build 12-tier tower without it falling.
Artist: Masakazu Takizawa (???? ????)
Playing Time: 30 min
Number of players: 1-5
Author: Masakazu Takizawa (???? ????)
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